Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil for All Eyebrows

The best eyeliner for all the different eye shapes can be found at Anastasys Eyebrown Pencils, a New York City-based online makeup shop.

The products range from a wide range of brows to brow pencils, and they are all available online, too.

Anastys is known for its extensive line of eyebrow pencils that can be purchased online, but the shop’s products have a premium feel.

“If you’ve got eyebrows, you want a good, well-designed pencil,” said Anastassia owner Sarah M. Rocha.

“And if you’re a little bit thinner, you don’t want one that’s too big.

You want something that’s going to sit comfortably on your face.”

A brow pencil for your eyebrows is a great product to have around, but for a thicker-skinned look, you might want to look into an eyeliner.

Rachael Lees is a writer in NYC.

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