How to make cat scratch eyebrows

If you’ve ever thought about getting cat scratch brows, this is a great tutorial to get you started.

I’ve been asked if there are other ways to get them, so here’s how.

If you have a cat, there’s a very good chance it’s scratching its head, so it’s worth making your eyebrows cat scratch eyebrow.

If you’re just thinking about getting them, make sure you have at least a tiny bit of mascara to apply, as you’ll need more than a little bit to get the right look.

To make them cat scratch, use a pencil or cotton ball to stroke over the upper lash line, as shown.

You can also try making them by hand, which is much easier than making them using the cat scratch method. 

For this tutorial, I used the Cat scratch eyebrow pencil, but you can also use any of these tips. 


Put the cat’s face down and pull it in. 2.

Take the pencil and put it on the top lash line.


Draw the cat.


Repeat with the upper eyelid.


Repeat the process with the lower eyelid as well.


Keep going, and repeat the process for the lower lash line and the inner eyelid, as seen in the image below.


Repeat for the inner corner.


Finally, finish the process by taking a sharpie and writing on the inside of the upper eyebrow, and the lower eyebrow, as they’re the ones you’re going to be scratching. 

7 tips to make your cat scratch your eyebrows