‘I hate being ugly’: How ‘Idle Rich Girl’ co-stars are embracing ‘fat-shaming’

A new “Idle Richer Girl” co-star has taken the opportunity to take a swipe at her former co-hosts, and it’s been a rough year.

“Idler Rich Girl” star Marcy Spencer took to Twitter Tuesday to vent her frustrations at the fact that co-creator, “Idles rich girl” Olivia de Havilland and her husband, “The Wolf of Wall Street” director and actor Sam Rockwell, have publicly been on the receiving end of “fat shaming” from her co-showrunner, “Liv & Mo,” and her co.

“I hate it when I have to listen to this fat shaming from the other side, especially because I’ve done nothing wrong,” she tweeted.

Spencer added that she “would love it if everyone on the show, and the world, knew the difference between a good, well-meaning and kind, compassionate, selfless and generous person and someone who’s made a big, fat mistake and is using that to hurt others.”

The tweets come after a slew of negative tweets by de Haviland and Rockwell over the past few months.

On Tuesday, de Haviller wrote that she and Rockwill “wanted to start a conversation and discuss the hurt we feel as a fat people in this society, and how we can be stronger.”

De Havillend also said that Rockwell “wants to be an ambassador for our cause” and that “the way you treat others doesn’t make you a good person.”

The actress went on to note that “Lives of the most beautiful people in the world have been stolen and used by fat people, by people who don’t deserve to live.”

Spencer responded to the criticism of the pair with an even more pointed critique, saying that Rockwill is “a big, ugly liar who thinks he’s doing you a favor by helping you feel better.

It’s not good for you.”

DeHavilland has since responded to Rockwell’s tweets, saying they “really hurt my feelings.”

DeLa has also publicly defended her costar, calling her comments “sick.”

“You’re a bad person.

You deserve to be in jail,” she said during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“That’s what I am talking about.

That’s what’s been going on since I started this show.”

De La also defended her former castmate, saying “She [Spencer] is very good at her job.”

“I feel like she’s a really great person.

I feel like we are friends and that she’s doing great.

She’s a great actor and she’s been doing a lot of good things for me and my family,” she added.

“It’s sad because we are so close and it hurts me.”

DeLoavilla has also been vocal about her displeasure with the pair.

“The problem is, when someone makes a decision to do something, and you have a friend who’s a horrible person, and your friend has made a decision not to do it, that’s really the problem,” she told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday.

“If you can’t get it done, it’s going to hurt you.”

The duo has since been forced to issue a public apology, and De Havilands response to Spencer’s tweets is the first time the pair has acknowledged the impact their actions have had on the world.

“There’s a big part of my life that is a little more than ‘Idles Rich Girl,’ and I really do want to be able to tell it again,” she wrote.

“To my fans, to the people who’ve given me so much support, to everyone who loves me and loves me enough to put up with me and listen to me and do what I do, and do the things that I do because it means the world to me.”

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