Tattooing kid raises eyebrows with eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo artist Rachael Maybelline’s daughter, who is autistic, raised eyebrows with a pair of eyebrow tattoos.

Maybellines daughter, Jada, was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 2014 and is now 18.

Maybelle has been doing eyebrows for a few years now and recently completed a brow tattoo.

“I am a mom and I have to be the mom that does what is right for the child,” Maybellin said.

“I want the child to be happy and feel valued.”

“I want my daughter to be able to express themselves,” she added.

“That is really important to me.

I want her to feel valued.

That is what I’m focused on.”

Maybells daughter Jada was diagnosed in 2014 with Aspiedem syndrome.

Jada has autism and Aspergers, and is also autistic.

May Bells son, Ryan, was born with autism.

He is autistic and has Aspergisms, but his parents still love him and are proud of his autism.

May was the first tattoo artist to perform eyebrows for his child.

“He is so unique,” May Bell said.

May, who also performs body art, is a certified tattoo artist who has worked with celebrities, including actress Jennifer Garner, former President Bill Clinton, singer and songwriter Drake, and musician Ty Dolla $ign.

“My goal is to make a difference for the children I work with,” May said.

She has tattooed some of the child’s favorite faces, including her daughter Jaden, for her mother, as well as her son Ryan, who recently finished his eyebrows.

The tattoos come from the artist’s personal collection.

May’s daughter Jala, also an artist, has an eye-patch tattoo, and her son, Jordan, has a tattoo of his dog.