What if the ‘Elf’ was actually a Japanese woman?

The actress and actor who portrayed the elf in the popular Japanese film Elf, Shirokuro Matsuda, is also known as “Elf Miyako.”

She was born in Hiroshima, Japan, on August 6, 1935.

Matsuda has never been a household name, but she has a long and colorful past.

She was the daughter of a former Japanese Army officer and a teacher.

She studied Japanese at Tokyo University before becoming a famous Japanese actress.

She played the role of Elf Miyako in the film Elf.

She has a daughter, the actress and singer Kyoko Matsuda.

In 2018, she announced her retirement.

Miyako Matsuda has always been known for her quirky, colorful look and her trademark, wavy hairstyle.

She was born on August 12, 1934.

She lived her life in Hiroshima.

The actress and producer said in 2018 that she was inspired by Miyako’s father, an engineer who helped build the Imperial Japanese Army’s new capital city.

Matsuura, who was born August 11, 1926, became a famous actress in the 1950s.

She made several films, including The Japanese Girl, a romantic comedy, as well as a series of short films.

She also produced a number of short stories for the children’s magazine Tōshōnen.

She received a special award from the Academy of Japan for the work of her stories.

In 2010, Miyako was named an honorary member of the Academy.