How to make a brow-dye kit for your brows

You know that eyebrow brush you love?

It’s probably not the one you’d use every day, but it’s an essential tool when you want to make sure your eyebrows are looking good.

Now you can buy a brow dye kit for $29.95 on Etsy, and it comes in two flavors.

One is the one that uses the same basic ingredients as the regular eyebrow brush, like pearl powder, glycerin, and vitamin E. The other one, however, is made with a slightly different formula, like high-protein ingredients like avocado and almond flour.

The difference?

The high-fructose corn syrup and glycerine in the high-carbohydrate product makes it look like your eyebrows will stay looking natural for a longer period of time.

The high protein formula, meanwhile, also makes it feel like you have more pigment than they do.

It’s not that the high protein product will make your eyebrows look better, it’s just that the higher-fiber product will have more staying power and a longer shelf life.

The only drawback to the high fiber product is that it may not last as long as the pearl powder or glycerinite.

That’s because it requires you to use the same ingredient, which can be a bit daunting if you don’t have a lot of experience using them.

The solution?

Get your makeup artist to mix them together.

This tutorial shows you how to make an eyebrow brush with high-quality ingredients and a long shelf life, so you can get the most out of your eyebrows.

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