How to Make a Guy’s Eyebrow ‘Worth’ the Price of a Hot Dog

If you’re looking for a simple, cheap, easy way to get your eyebrows done, you’ll find a few different options online. 

In one YouTube video, a man is filmed putting a $4,000 eyebrow comb through a $7,000, 2.5-inch eyebrow with ease. 

He also adds that he only needs a hair stylist. 

The man, whose name we can’t reveal for legal reasons, explains how he bought his eyebrows from a salon that also sells eyebrow kits.

He then cuts them into sections, then applies glue to the ends to make them look a little more natural.

“You have to put glue on your eyebrow,” he says, “because you don’t want the hair to be too long.”

 He then explains how to apply the glue, which will take a few seconds.

“Put a little bit on your brow,” he tells the viewer.

“Then you put your hair in a little bucket, and then it’s just a matter of pushing it on the glue and making sure you don and that it sticks.”

The man then goes on to describe how he also applies a special adhesive to the top of the comb, but it’s only available in a few places.

“So just put some glue on the top,” he explains.

“That’s it.

No more glue on.

Just apply it, and that’s it.”

Another YouTube video shows a man using a $1,500, 4-inch brow gel, but the clip has a few other wrinkles.

The hair on the man’s face is pulled back, leaving a very thin layer of glue.

He adds that it’s very messy.

Another $3,000 brow gel will leave his brows slightly less noticeable, but his eyebrows are still visible.

A man with a $5,000 Brow Gel retails for around $7 per tube.

You can also purchase a $30 eyebrow gel for $3 on Amazon.