When a dog is really cute: How to take your eyebrows to the next level

The word “curiosity” is synonymous with the American way of life, but some of us might be better at it than others.

So here are 10 eyebrow-raising eyebrow tutorials that will make you want to wear your eyebrows every day.


Eye shadow tutorial by Rachela Wiedemann.

This video by Rachel Wiedenmaier of the Philadelphia-based Wiedermaier Eye Care Group is one of the more unusual eyebrow tutorials.

The artist, who has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, is a longtime makeup artist who specializes in eyebrow contouring and shadowing.

“I was really inspired by my mother who is a makeup artist,” Wiedermans said.

“She does a lot of eyebrow tutorials, and I thought I’d make a tutorial that is more fun and less complicated than what you see on Instagram.”

This is not a brow tutorial, but rather a makeup tutorial.


Eyebrow shadow tutorial in the style of a Disney princess tutorial by Kari Tynan.

The clip by Kary Okereke from the American cosmetics company Nourishing Beauty was uploaded to Instagram earlier this month.

The beauty blogger has more 10,000 Instagram followers.

“When I first started blogging, I was trying to create something fun and original that I could share with my audience,” she said.

After she posted the clip on her Instagram account, it got over 200,000 views in less than a day.

“It was really amazing to see how many people liked it and shared it with their friends,” Okeresk said.


Eyeglasses tutorial by Kim Kardashian West.

This tutorial by the fashion designer Kim Kardashian-West is a great one to show off your eyes and a little bit of cheekbone.

The makeup artist from the West family also has over 20 million followers on her page.

“One of my favorite things about making beauty is being able to look like I’m a Kardashian and be a star,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“So I wanted to make a really cute, quirky video with my eyes and cheekbones.”


Eyeshadow tutorial by Dara Çelik.

This makeup tutorial by Çalik is just a fun, easy-to-do step-by-step tutorial for making eyeshadow.

The creator of Eyelash and Lashes, Çellik, is also the owner of a makeup shop and has worked as a makeup assistant.

“This is a tutorial I have done many times, and it’s a very fun one to do,” she shared on Instagram.

“The eyes are always a little tricky, but with a little practice and time, I am able to make them look pretty.”


Eyeliner tutorial by Jenelle Evans.

The fashion designer’s eye makeup tutorial is a must-see.

The “Beverly Hills Black Lips” star has over 30 million followers.

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for a single brush to make an eye liner.


Eyepatch tutorial by Anna Faris.

The actress and the creator of “Scandal” are two of the most famous makeup artists in the world.

Faris is known for her eye makeup tutorials, including one that is just about the only thing you will ever need for your eyebrows.

The video is a perfect example of how Faris goes to great lengths to keep her makeup simple.

“There’s a lot to remember in this tutorial,” she explained on Instagram earlier.

7. “

To make the eyebrows look nice, I had to use a very simple eye makeup brush and then use the same one on my lips and cheek.”


Eyewear tutorial by Emily Watson.

The designer of the new season of “Girls” has over 10 million followers and she has a video up on Instagram that’s as easy to follow as it is cute.

“If you’re new to making eyebrow brows, I would recommend that you watch the first episode of the show ‘The Next Wave,'” Watson told The Huffington Post.

“And if you have a little time to spare, I highly recommend watching it as soon as you can.”


Eyecare tutorial by Katie Couric.

Couric is known to have an eye for beauty, and her YouTube channel is filled with tutorials on eyebrow makeup.

The comedian and host of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” is a huge fan of eyebrow contour, and the videos that Couric uploads to her channel show her doing some very basic eyebrow contours with the help of makeup brushes.

“With this video, I really wanted to create a tutorial, and a cute one at that, that I think people would love,” she wrote on her instagram page.


Eyefinity tutorial by Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence is a professional makeup artist and actress who recently appeared in