Why the internet is awash with ’90s eyebrow art

The 90s was an era of drastic cosmetic changes, but a lot of people are still wearing them.

But they’re also a time of extreme eyebrow changes, and this week’s eyebrow tattoo trend is a perfect example.

The trend for the lightened eyebrow tattoo has gained traction recently after an Instagram user, @matthew_c_goldsby, uploaded a photo of a pair of eyebrow tattoos on his Instagram account.

He captioned the photo:I’m wearing an eyebrow tattoo for the first time and it’s really awesome.

The lightening effect is pretty amazing and my eyebrows look a lot better.

The tattoo looks really cool too.

The eyebrows are the same color but they have different angles.

They’re actually my own personal rendition of the “lightening effect” I have with eyebrow tattoos.

The photo went viral, and now the trend has caught on with an internet of fans who have used it to get their own custom eyebrow tattoos in the past.

I’ve been using eyebrow tattoos since I was 18 and have never seen this kind of thing.

The last time I had an eyebrow done I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I could imagine and had to get it fixed.

I didn’t even go to the doctor to get the eyebrow tattoo done, but the tattoo artist said I would get a tattoo of my face when I was done.

That tattoo lasted three weeks and I’m so glad I did.

I’m still getting compliments on it from people, so I think I’m doing fine.

It’s been hard to get away from my dark roots for so long, but my eyebrows are really turning into my own personalized makeup.

I really love it, and I think it’s going to become my signature look.

I am still growing and changing my eyebrows and the lightening effects I have are so powerful and make my face look so much more perfect.

I have a really good friend who is doing this now and she’s really loving it.

It makes her look like she is doing makeup and is a lot more confident than I am.

It’s definitely something that’s definitely worth a tattoo.

I also have a friend who has had eyebrows done a few times, and she is just so happy to have these custom brows.

I love the idea of a personalized eyebrow tattoo.

It feels like the most natural way to express myself and I am definitely not alone in wanting to do one myself.

Check out some of the other eyebrow tattoo trends to check out if you’re thinking about doing one yourself.

I’m definitely a fan of the lighten eyebrow tattoo and am super happy to be able to get one done for myself.

It really feels like my own thing and makes my face really look better than it would with my old eyebrows.

I can definitely see myself using them again someday and would love to have them on my face.