All eyes on the World Cup final as Italy’s Elf eyebrow kit hits the market

It’s official: Elf is the new face of eyebrow kit.

The iconic brand launched a new line of eyebrow kits for women last week in Italy, the first such product to hit the market since it was launched in Japan.

The ELF eyebrow kit has the same contour as its predecessor, but it also features a new design that features a different color gradient for each eye.

Elf’s new eyebrow kit features a contour gradient for the middle brow and a more pronounced shape for the lower eyelids, and the new designs feature a new gel formula that is made with a gel-like consistency.

The new eyebrow kits will be sold in Italy at a price of 500 euros ($639), but will also be available worldwide.

Elf, which is owned by Japanese cosmetics giant Yohji Yamamoto, says the new line is a major step forward in its long-term marketing strategy.

“We are very pleased to introduce a new range of products to women in Italy,” said Francesco Giappa, head of Elf cosmetics, in a statement.

“This will help us to attract more women, and in particular more women with dry skin and eyebrow wrinkles.”

With the launch of the ELF brow kit, we hope to help women with more complex eyebrows with a more natural, more comfortable look, which we hope will attract more of our fans.