Anastasia brow pencils ‘beautiful and easy to use’

Anastasian brow pencil’s “beautiful” and “easy to use” styling make the product the perfect choice for anyone looking for a brow pencil.

A soft gel with a smooth finish, the brow pencil comes in three colours – ivory, light grey and black.

The brow pencil also comes in a range of eye shadow palettes, as well as a range that includes a pencil eye shadow and a pencil contour shade.

This is not your typical brow pencil, however, as the product is very well-made and the gel itself is soft.

The eyebrow pencils are the latest addition to Anastasias brow pencil range, which has already been released in Australia, the UK and the US.

“I have been making eyebrow pencil for over 10 years and this is the best brow pencil I have ever used,” Anasta says.

“Its a lot softer than the other pencils I have used, it’s very gentle, easy to work with, and its a very natural colour.”

The eyebrow gel is the softest gel on the market.

The gel is available in three different shades of ivory and light grey.

The shade ivory is the most popular and comes in the following palettes: “Ebony”, “Ivory” and a “Colour of Ivory”.

“Colours of Ivory” is the colour that has been used by Anastanasia in the past, and this shade is one of the most favourite.

The colour has a very slightly frosted finish, which is very flattering.

“Eyes have a different texture from your skin, which gives your brow pencil more definition,” Anstasian says.

The product is also available in a pencil shape, as in the eye shadow shade, which allows the gel to glide smoothly across the eye.

The eye shadow colour is the lightest of the palettes and is available as a light grey colour.

“It is very versatile, I can use it for contouring my eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes,” Anstaisian says of the eye shade.

“And because it is a gel, it doesn’t require a ton of product.”

Anastazias brow gel is also easy to apply and comes with an easy-to-wash sponge applicator, which makes it easy to clean.

The applicator has a removable tip that allows the product to be swiped around, or pushed through a pin, and the pencil is made with silicone-free, cruelty-free materials.

The colours of the gel also have different texture, and Anastanas eyebrows are a medium grey.

“They are also really well-blended, they have a little bit of a satin finish to them and they are not clumpy, they are really blendable,” Ansterasian explains.

“That’s something I think a lot of people miss when they buy brow pencil products.

I think the best part is the range is really affordable, it costs $6.99, which you can buy from Anastans online store.”

“It’s a little more expensive than you might think, but it’s also cheaper than most brow products,” Anja adds.

Anastia and her husband, Alexander, started selling eyebrow pencil in 2014 and the brand has expanded to include eyelash products, eyebrows and cheekbones as well.

The Anastasis brand has also launched the Anastassi Eye Pencils line, which includes a line of eye brows.

Anstai says that their eyelash pencils have been popular with people across the world, and they have also seen a lot in Australia and the UK.

“We have been selling these pencils in Australia for almost a year and a half, and we have been seeing some really big sales in the UK,” she says.

Anstasias eyelash brow pencil is available now, and you can get a trial version at Anastias online store, where it costs around $7.50.