Anthony Davis: ‘I’m gonna have to make some changes’ for 2017 season

Anthony Davis has been linked to a possible return to the league.

The veteran big man was on the verge of a return to action earlier this week when he suffered a sprained right knee.

He was also injured in the same game in October.

Davis is currently out of action with the sprained knee.

“It’s been a difficult time for him, it’s been really tough on the team,” Davis said.

“He’s going through a lot of stuff, and we’re all here for him.”

There’s some things that are going on in his life and I’m going to have to be more involved and try to get him to focus more on the things that he can control and focus more time in the gym.

“I know that he wants to play basketball and that’s the goal of this team.”

So that’s what we’re working on.