How to get a beautiful, colorful brow tattoo on your face

A tattoo artist in Georgia is using his expertise in creating a colorful brow with his tattoo.

John E. Pinto has been tattooing for 30 years.

He said it is not a difficult process and he is not the only one doing it.

“I have seen this done by people who are in their 40s and 50s and they are not the same,” he said.

He said his brow tattooing is different than others because it has been done on both sides of the body.

“It’s a lot more fun,” he added.

It is important that your eyebrows do not get any longer than 10 inches because this causes the hair to stand out more.

“And when you have a brow tattoo it makes the whole face look so much more attractive,” he explained.

Pinto has also done a lot of work with people with different skin tones.

“They are looking for the right shade, the right color, and I’m going to make them a beautiful tattoo that matches their skin tone,” he told ABC News.

Ponto’s work is on display in his studio at the Dixie Inn in Atlanta.

He also sells online to help pay for his expenses and has even created an online business to help others do the same.

Pinton said he also has been doing the same thing in his own studio.

“The brow tattoo is fun, it is fun to do,” he noted.

“But I do not want to make my client feel like they are being stupid,” he continued.

“That is the part that bothers me most.”