Maybelline, ‘Ulta’ are back to boost sales, but are still struggling to make the jump to the cosmetics market

Anastasia’s brow gel, a new brand launched by the company last week, has quickly become a major seller, but is struggling to take off with new customers.

The brand is currently selling at $15 for its latest collection, and it has a much higher profit margin than its other eyebrow brands, including Sephora’s Urban Decay, and Sephoora’s Lash Mascara.

Anastasia, which is owned by beauty brand Sephoral, has been struggling to get traction in the cosmetics industry for a long time, and this latest foray is a chance for the company to do something different, according to a spokesperson for the cosmetics company.

An astoundingly successful brand like Anastasias eyebrow gel can only do so much, she told The Post.

And if you want to have success, you have to get it right.

It is also clear that the brand, which launched in 2012, is not a traditional brow brand.

It is a natural product that contains ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide carbonate, according the company.

So it doesn’t have to be too expensive to sell to the masses, Anastasio told The Daily Beast, but she says the brand is focused on reaching out to younger customers who have been missing out on the brand. 

Anastasia has been around since the 1970s, and has been able to make a living by making cosmetics in her home for years, Anas said.

But this is not the first time that Anastias brow gel has been sold on eBay, and she said that this time it was a new company, which she did not know about.

Anissa Anastasiadis brow gel is on sale for $15 on eBay.

Anastasis spokesperson Anastasa Anastiadis said that she does not want to make excuses for the brand’s poor performance, and that it is a brand that is trying to be different.

Anasia also told The Times that Anasias products are safe to use, but said that the product does not contain any fragrance.

“I’m very proud of the product and its unique packaging and feel that it will help in reaching out young people,” she said. 

Anastasiads products have sold over 2 million since their launch in 2012.

Anasia told The New York Times that she hopes to bring the brand to the US and Europe, but declined to give an exact number.

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