What are the best eyebrow spools?

There are many eyebrow spoils available online and they are all the same.

If you have an eyebrow that needs cleaning, you can either use a standard eyebrow spoozie, or purchase a spool to use with a custom eyebrow wax.

Here’s a look at the top eyebrow spoons for men, and women.1.

Earrings for men2.

Earring for women1.

Black eyebrow spoon with gold plated brass tip2.

Black brow spool with gold brass tip3.

Black and white eyebrow sponges4.

Ear plugs for men and women5.

Earplug earrings6.

Ear spool for men7.

Ear plug earrings8.

Earplugs for women9.

Earwax ear plugs10.

Ear wax earplugs