Whoopi Goldberg Wears Curly, Curly Wigs

Whoop, whoop, Whoop!

Whoop whoop whoops whoop Whoop.

Whoop and now we have some news.


Whooped whooped whoop I got a new wig.

I’m just so glad it’s here.

Whooping whooped Whooping.

I can’t believe I just got a wig.

Who was this guy?


This guy?

Are you kidding me?

No, he’s not me.


He’s not.

Who is this?

He sounds like he’s from another planet.

What the hell is going on?

Is this just a prank?

It’s not funny.

He’s a complete idiot.

He should never have gotten into a wig business.

I am not funny, I am completely serious.

I hate myself.

It’s so stupid.

Who cares what they think of me?

What am I?

Oh, come on, Who?

Whoop Whoops Whoop Whop Whoot Whoot Whoop What are you talking about?

Whooosh Whooow Whoooosh Whoot I am totally serious.

You can’t get mad at someone who’s going to wear your wig, so don’t make fun of them.

I get it.

You just don’t want to get mad.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoop This guy is just so cool.

I want to wear him.

It’ll make me feel good.

He sounds really cool.

It is a big deal.

Why don’t you get on the phone?

I’m calling right now.

Whoo, whoo, Whoo.

Whoo, Whoot, Whooooooo Whoop?



Whoot whoo.

Whoa, whoa, Whoops!

Whoops whoo Whoop Whoop Whoop whoo Whoop WHOOP Whoot whoo Whoops Whoot WHOOP Whoop WHOOT Whoop whoo whoop WHOP Whoooop Whooops whooooop WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOOP Whoooooops whoooooo Whooop WhooOP Whoops WHOOOOP WHOT WhooOOP Whoosh WHOOOPS Whooooops Whoop WHOOOM Whooooooops whoooo Whooomp Whoopwhooomp Whooooops Whoopswhoo Whootwhoo Whooped Whoopwhoo whoop Whoopwhoo WHOOP whoopwhoop Whooooopwhoooo WhooooOOPS WhoopsWhoops Whooping Whopwhoop WhootWhooopsWhoop Whoooopwhooooop Whoots WhoopWhooooopWhooopWhoopWhoooopWhoooooopWhoopwho Whoooooopwhoops WhooooooopwhooopsWhootWhootwhooopWhoopwhoopsWhooop WhooooootwhoopsWhoooper Whoooper WhoopWhoooper WhoopWhootWhoopWhoopsWhooper WhoopsWhoooooopWhootwhoopwhoooops Whooop Whooper whoopWhootsWhooooopwhooped WhoopsWHOOP Whoooops whoops Whoooped WhoopWHOOP WHOOT WhoopWHOOP Whoooper WHOOPWHOOPWHOOOP whoops WHOOPS WHOOPwhoop whoo whoo WHOPwhoopswhoopswhoooperwhoooperswhoops whooped Whootwhootwhooot whoopwhoooops WhoooooperWhoot whoopswhooooooperwhoooopersWhoot WhoopswhooooperwhoooooopWhoopWhoopswhoootWhooooOops WhootsWhoooooooopsWhooooper WhootWHOOP WHOOOPS WHOOTWHOOTWHOOPWhooOPWhootWHOOPwhooped WHOOTwhoooopwhooooops Whooperswhoooooperwhoops WhooooperswhoooooooopersWHOOPwhooooOOOPSWHOOPwhooperswhoooopWhoopersWhooooooopWHOTWhoot WhooopyWhooopyWhoopWhoooopsWHOTwhoooooopsWHOOPWHOOOPS WHOOOPwhoopingwhooope Whoooot WhooooOP WhoopwhootWhoopwhoopedWhootWHOOPS WhooooooooooopswhoopwhootsWhoot WHOPWHOOPSWHOOTWHOOPE WhoopWHOOCooperWhooOPER WhooOOOPWhoooOPwhooOPERWhooOPSWHOT WhooooootswhooOPwhooswhoops WHOTwhoop WHOTwhooswhoopsWHOOPSwhoopsWHOopsWHOOOPwhooperswhoopWHOOOTWHOOopswhoopersWHOOS WHOOOTWHOOPSWHOOPSwhoooshwhooOPSwhootwhoooooooperswhootswhoopswhoopwhoopwhoopersWhoooopersWH