Fox Eyes is making a $50,000 VR title

Fox Eyes, a first-person, first-look VR game by VR pioneer Foxeyes, is making an even better VR title for its own $50 million investment.

Fox Eyes: First Person First Look VR is a first person first look VR experience that features the iconic Fox Eyes character from the iconic 1960s animated film, The Goonies.

Players will be able to use their heads and hands to explore a vast and immersive virtual world with a wide range of new gameplay mechanics including the ability to control the player’s movements with a touchpad.

Foxeyes CEO and Co-founder Tim Fox says First Person first person First Look will “transform the virtual world in a new way.”

First Person VR is an upcoming VR game that aims to give users a new experience with their virtual world, and the new game will not only allow for VR players to experience the world of The Goons from a new perspective, but will also provide them with new and exciting gameplay mechanics.

“First Person First Viewer will change the virtual reality experience for gamers,” says Tim Fox.

“It’s going to be a VR game.

It’s not a VR experience.

It has a wide variety of gameplay mechanics that you’ll play with in the game.

And I think it’s going a great place for a first time VR player.”

Foxeyes’ VR platform, First Person Viewer, is currently available for $49.99, which includes an early access trial, but the company plans to offer a full release in the future.

The VR industry is in its infancy and this type of investment will allow the company to take a chance on VR gaming and bring it to a wider audience.

Foxes investment in VR and first person view has been in the works for years.

Foxy Eyed Games, a Foxeyes subsidiary that focuses on VR, was originally formed in 2016 and the company has been developing virtual reality experiences for over five years.

The studio has developed over 100 VR games, including the award-winning Fuzzball VR and The Goon Simulator VR.

The Goony series was a hit in the early 2000s with audiences at home and on TV tuning in to the game and seeing what was going on in the world.

It was a virtual reality adventure that was a huge hit and a big hit among kids.

Fox eyes VR was launched in late 2017 and it was initially focused on creating a first player first experience for its platform, but after the initial launch, the company launched its first title in 2018, First Player First Look.