How to fix the eyebrows on your face without having to go to surgery

Long eyebrows can make it hard to tell a good person from a bad one, and some women don’t even know they’re there.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to looking your best at work.


The right eyebrow type The eyebrow type you choose can have a big impact on how you look, says Kelly McKeown, a dermatologist and owner of Lorna McKeough’s salon in London, Ont.

Her clients’ eyebrows are all different, and it’s important to choose a brow type that fits you.

For instance, a “muddy” brow, which is the type most people have, is better for facial expression than a “smooth” brow.

“I’d say the ideal eyebrow type is somewhere between a brow with a slight ‘muddy’ effect, and a brow that’s straight with a subtle ‘smooth’ effect,” she says.


Your brow shape If your eyebrows look too rounded, or your shape is too angular, it can make them look like they’re curling or squishing around the face.

“When you’re doing your hair, I’d recommend having a brow shape that’s a little bit like a ball,” McKeow says.

“That way, when you’re trying to curl or shape your brows, they’re going to be a little more natural.”


Your hair style If you’ve got curly hair, it’s usually best to use a straight-in-the-middle comb and a hair gel that helps to control frizz.

“There are times when I do get a little wavy, and sometimes I don’t,” she explains.

“But, for the most part, it just happens naturally.”

And it’s also worth noting that hair types can vary.

“The hair you choose is really your choice,” Mckeow says, noting that the more natural your hair type is, the less frizzy your brow looks.


Your makeup When it comes time to wear makeup, McKeo says it’s “very important to apply it correctly.”

“It’s important that you put your face in a neutral position, and then use your brow to get your makeup in,” she adds.

For those who opt for a more natural, straight-out-of-your-face look, she suggests starting with a neutral face mask.

“You can use a neutral mask, like a black eye mask, a green eye mask,” she recommends.

“Then, if you have a brow mask on, it gives your brow more definition.”


What type of brow gel you use, and when to use it What type you use depends on what type of hair you’re using.

“It depends on your hair length, what kind of makeup you’re wearing, and the shade of your brow,” McKEow says of how much she recommends using.


Your overall look If you have oily or dry skin, you can use an eyebrow gel for that purpose.

“If you’re a really oily person, you’ll want a brow gel that’s going to help you stay hydrated and not get oily,” she suggests.

If you’re more dry-skinned, it might be more beneficial to use an oil-free brow gel, she adds, although she doesn’t recommend using it for people who are prone to eczema or other types of eye and skin issues.


Your work attire What to wear if you’re an employee, whether you’re on-the go or off-the street You should also be careful when choosing your work attire.

“Make sure you’re not going to have to worry about a lot of makeup or looking a little too cute for your day,” Mc Keow says with a laugh.

“Just make sure you have an appropriate, comfortable outfit, and that you’re also dressed appropriately for your job.”

McKeoe recommends a suit and tie for an office setting, but it can be tricky to find a suitable outfit for on-site work.

She says that she prefers to keep things simple by opting for a simple, loose-fitting suit with some flattering accessories.

“My favourite thing to do is wear a long sleeve shirt or dress shirt, and I have a nice, dark sweater or dress,” she advises.

“And then a skirt or something that gives me some lift, because I like to be in a little heels mode.”


Your face style If your brow is straight, it may be a good idea to opt for straight-to-the underbelly, Mc Keo says.

And for the more curvy type, a more oval shape can look more natural.

“With people who have very curly hair on the underbowl, it is actually easier to put a straight brow on than it is on the brow on the top,” she notes.

“So, I recommend going for the straight brow.

You can use straight brows if you want to be really subtle or not bother with