How to use anastasia eyebrow gel

Anastasia eyebrows gel is the ultimate eyeliner, and the brand is launching a new line of eyebrow products.

The brand’s latest collection of products is called The Peoples Eyebrow.

It features two shades of eyeliner called The Ostrich and The Peacock.

It comes in two sizes, which are $19.99 and $28.99, and each comes in a “sassy” and “glamorous” version.

It also comes in three finishes – matte, shimmer and satin.

The product is available now online, in Sephora stores and at and Beauty Blender in select locations.

Anastasia is offering three products for $39.99 each: A creme eye shadow, an eye primer, and an eyebrow pencil.

The creme shade is a matte black with a matte finish.

The eye primer is a deep pink with a glossy finish.

The eyebrow pencil is a pink with matte finish, and comes in five shades: matte, glitter, satin, rose gold, and coral.