Why I bought a cheap, ugly and useless eyeliner from eBay

Posted by Sarah Clements on November 28, 2017 10:47:01The first time I bought eyeliner, it was at a flea market for my husband, and I bought it for $2.50. 

I didn’t want to spend that much, but it wasn’t until years later that I noticed that it was a cheap alternative to other cheap eyeliner options.

I bought a sample of Eyebrow Slits Girl eyeliner at Target, and it wasn, well, pretty.

 It had a nice brush, and a gel that you had to put on the eyelid and it looked like you had just put on a pencil.

The eyeliner was a little too expensive to buy at a drugstore or drugstore clearance, and the gel was too cheap to wear.

What I was hoping to get, though, was a pretty, affordable eyeliner that had a decent brush and gel.

The Eyebrows Girl eyeliners I’ve had from Target have always been good value, but this was the first time that I’d been able to see what the real value was for an eyeliner.

When you’re looking for a cheap eyelash, Eyebowers Girl, as its called, is an option that I feel will be good value.

This product is a really nice shade of gold that really brings out the gold in the eyeliner and makes it easy to blend, too.

Eyebowers Girls Girl Eyebree Slits Eye Gel has a nice, thin, glossy, metallic, metallic-like consistency that looks like gold and has a matte finish.

It’s a matte shade that’s easy to use and blends very smoothly, which makes it an easy eyeliner to use.

A few of the shades in this palette have metallic finishes, but Eyebows Girl doesn’t.

They’re really good looking.

You can buy Eyebower Slits Eyes gel for $1.99 from Amazon, which is $1 more than the normal price of $3.99.

For this price, it’s a good value at a lot of drugstores and clearance stores, and that’s just fine.

If you want a cheap option, though that’s your call.

But if you want something that is very pigmented, but doesn’t fall apart easily, I think Eyebow Slits Eyebrop Eye Gel is a better choice.

Olivia Farrow  @OlivianneFarrow I like the Eyebrops Girl eyelids, too, because I love the feel of a eyeliner on my skin and the texture and finish, they’re easy to put together and use, they feel a little more luxurious than Eyebrose, and they’re really cheap. 

http://t.co/bK4bqfHb5L Olivia Farrow (@OliviansFarrow) November 28 , 2017 If this eyeliner is your go-to, though…  I’m not sure I would buy the Eyemos Girl or the Eyesebrows Girls, but if you’re not sure, the cheaper options from Target and Walgreens do look a lot better, too